Why A Yearly Plan Makes Sense For Data Removal Services

Wondering why there’s no monthly payment option for Removaly services? If so, you have come to the right place!

Why A Yearly Plan vs Monthly Plan?

In general, a monthly option is hard to find in the data removal industry. There’s a good reason for this, which we will dive into below. That said, this is a question that’s been asked quite a bit over the last few months, so we figured it made sense to develop a section dedicated to answering this common question.

Here is a breakdown of the four main reasons Removaly chooses to utilize a yearly plan versus a monthly subscription:

  1. Monthly subscriptions are confusing
  2. Data removal is time- and work-intensive
  3. Your information is likely to reappear over time
  4. Billing annually is far simpler

Hopefully, this breakdown provides some helpful insights into why Removaly only offers a yearly plan and why we believe it’s the best option for the data removal industry.

Monthly Subscriptions Are Confusing

We at Removaly feel that a monthly subscription would be too confusing for our users. Getting your information off of data brokers can sometimes take several attempts to reach out to the data broker, utilizing different methods of communication for each attempt.

Let’s say we found a data broker hit reoccur at the end of the month. Would we then be responsible for that? If so, would we be responsible for subsequent follow-ups, even if you were no longer a user? Having a yearly plan allows us to cover ALL hits that we find within a given year, and helps us maintain our 100% removal rate.

Data Removal Is Time- and Work-Intensive

Data removal (in general) requires a lot of work upfront. Anyone that offers a monthly option over a yearly plan we feel will tend to draw things out to keep you around longer (or at least have the incentive to do so). Meaning, if a company that offers a monthly subscription finds your information on “Site A”, and Site A generally takes 48 hours to remove your information, you may find that this opt out is stuck “In Progress” much much longer than it should be.

By having a yearly plan subscription, you know without a shadow of a doubt that we have your best interest in mind. This is part of the reason why most people see 75% of the sites we found their information on removed within the first week of being subscribed to Removaly!

Your Information Is Likely To Reappear Over Time

Your information is likely pop back up on these data brokers once they receive another influx of user data. So, a month-to-month option is actually not a very good way to get yourself protected from these data brokers.

Removaly is also the only company that scans DAILY to make sure we find and remove your information quickly when it reappears. As a result, by having the yearly plan subscription model, we are able to offer a more premium service to our users. In the end, this plan helps to make sure their personal information is better protected.

Billing Annually is Far Simpler

Frankly, yearly billing is easier. By having a yearly billing, we can spend less time dealing with incoming/outgoing members, billing questions, rebills, etc. and we can focus our time on what really matters (which is part of the reason Removaly has the best customer service in the industry).

I hope those points give you some extra insight and helps you see the benefit of the yearly plan model (which almost all reputable companies in the space go by). We’re here to serve you so if you have any additional questions about our yearly plan, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Concerned about how much information about you is freely available online? Get your data automatically removed from dozens of people search websites and data brokers for less than the cost of a Netflix subscription with Removaly.