Removaly Offers Free Services to Family Members of Uvalde Shooting Victims

Removaly has pledged to offer free data removal services to immediate family members of victims of the mass school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Kyle and I know that harassment of victims’ family is rampant in tragedies such as this and that it is critical to ensure that the personal information of families remains private for their peace in this period of mourning.

We are proud to stand up and offer our services to these families, free of charge, with no strings attached. After watching the harassment that parents and family members of victims of the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 faced, we aim to ensure that claims of crisis acting, false flags, and hoaxes remain far from the personal lives of those grieving such a horrendous loss.

We are more than willing to offer our data removal services free of charge, and help walk through the process to ensure their personal information is kept away from bad actors. We stand with the families in Uvalde who faced this unnecessary tragedy. However, in standard Removaly fashion, we know that actions speak louder than words.

John Bourscheid, Removaly Co-Founder

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