How To Protect Your Online Privacy: 4 Great Methods for 2022

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The internet has created a world in which we can access information in seconds with a couple of clicks of a button. There has never been a time with so much available information at one’s fingertips. As with many benefits that come with the advancement of technology and the internet, there are many downsides that … Read more

Dealing With Online Harassment The Right Way In 2022

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Considering just how much time most of us spend online each day—whether it’s at work, at home or on a mobile device—it’s not entirely surprising that more than 4 in 10 Americans have experienced some form of online harassment. If you haven’t been the victim of online harassment yet, chances are you will be at … Read more

How To Avoid Doxing In Your Online Life: 2022 Privacy Update

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In this digital age, we go online to complete a growing majority of the business of daily life. Shopping, banking, finding and applying for a job, filing taxes and even dating. The internet can save us time and effort on these mundane tasks. But, it also means that a shocking amount of our personal data … Read more

Maintaining Robust Online Privacy On Social Media In 2022

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The rise of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn has allowed billions of people across the globe to connect with each other online. Whether it’s reviving an old friendship, sharing common interests, supporting political causes or professional networking. However, the ubiquity of social media has also contributed to a culture of oversharing … Read more

Avoiding Cyberstalking When Navigating The Internet in 2022

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With the amount of time we spend online—and the corresponding amount of personal data we make available on the internet—online stalking has become even more common than real-world stalking. Fortunately, the more you know about cyberstalking and how to prevent it, the less likely you’ll be to become a victim of online predators. Protect Your … Read more