Our Intuitive Process to Remove Your Personal Information

Kyle and I put our focus on customer support and service over out-the-door profits, so our main goal is to ensure the smoothest and most effective Removaly experience possible. The result is more secure personal information in the public space, to get you and your family well on your way to stronger digital privacy.

But what does this look like?

When you create an account with Removaly, we first ask you to confirm your email address. This is to ensure we have a proper mode of communication with any questions, comments, or concerns we may have.

We in no way use our signup list for marketing purposes, that is instead a separate opt-in that takes place here on the website (see the sidebar). We also don’t sell your data, and storage is safe and secure.

What Personal Information Do We Use?

We then ask you for the following personal information, which allows us to narrow down our automated searches to ensure we are opting out the correct individual:

Once we have the above personal information, you confirm that the information you entered is correct. As we state in the sign up form, Your information is secure with us. Never sold. Never shared.

Co-Founder Note: Some of our competitors suggest you submit a scan of the front and back of your license. Years ago, this was a common requirement for some people search websites. Nowadays, no data broker or people search site requires this information to remove your data. However, some data removal services still like to gather as much information from their users as possible. Not us.

You Have My Information, Now What?

As soon as you submit your information, our proprietary hit-scanning process begins! In most cases, it takes five minutes or less. You are more than welcome to leave the page at any point, the process still continues in the background. We will email you once the scan is complete. However, typically results will begin appearing immediately!

Once your scan is complete, you will get a broader picture of how wide-reaching your personal information is and how quickly it can be accessed by bad actors, spammers, and other data brokers for nefarious purposes.

While our results provide a strong picture of what needs to be removed, and what can be removed manually, each hit we discover in our initial scan has an opportunity to automatically remove via our automated Removaly service. When you click to remove the result through our service, you are taken to an extremely simple pricing page, where you select from one of the following three options:

  • One person (Individual plan): $9.95 per month, billed annually (so $119.40).
  • Two people (Couple plan): $12.95 per month, billed annually (so $155.40).
  • Three or more people (Family plan): $14.95 per month, billed annually (so $178.40).

The Next Steps

Once your payment has been submitted, we immediately begin the process of opting your information out of the hits we have found. Typically, most hits are submitted for removal within 24 hours, and within 48 hours a good percentage of hits for your name have already been removed.