Here at Removaly, we want to ensure we are more than just a service provider. Instead, we also wish to be a powerful resource for those looking for a more do-it-yourself approach. As such, we have curated an extensive collection of free opt-out guides, diving deep into the nuances of the major people search services, as well as a step-by-step approach to remove your personal data from these sites and databases.

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intelius opt-out

Intelius is an aggregate people-search website, acting as a data broker to scrape and collect records that are publicly available online. These records are then compiled into a comprehensive database full of information that is all about you, your history, your contact information, and your family, making it extremely difficult to navigate the opt-out process.

Spokeo is just one of dozens of online data brokers that gathers personal information about individuals from a wide range of online sources and then aggregates that data in a single report about the person. Spokeo then makes that information available for purchase by anyone who wants it unless you opt-out.

Originally founded in 2002 as, MyLife (alternately known as is a U.S.-based data broker with roots in the social media world. Conceived as a way for former high school and college classmates to reconnect and stay in touch online, the company merged with search engine company Wink in 2008.

Founded more than a decade ago, Radaris is a self-described “public records search engine” that uses a wide range of online sources to aggregate information about people and places for those who have not gone through the opt-out process. The site allows users to search for information at no cost, although full access to the data comes at a cost.

Whitepages is an online directory service where you can look up contact information, perform fraud screening and identity verification for businesses. has the largest database of available contact information for residents of the United States. It is easy to find your contact information or look up people you know using the Whitepages database.

PeopleSmart is just one of the dozens of these online data broker companies that gather personal information from millions of individuals and aggregates that information into a single data profile (until you opt-out). PeopleSmart makes this data profile available for purchase to anyone who wants to buy it. 

PeekYou offers basic information on each profile for free such as your name, age, part of your address, and phone number along with links to your social media profiles, permanent until you are able to opt-out. It then gives links to different data aggregator sites where you can purchase more extensive profiles on information such as arrest records, driving records, and property records.

Nuwber sells itself as an information company. On their website, it says they understand the impact that the information they provide impacts people’s lives. They recognize that misinformation is an issue and they are trying their best to deliver accurate and reliable information, until you opt-out.

Instant Checkmate is a background check service that allows you to search for millions of people in America. The site allows you to search demographic data, criminal records, and other public records across the United States. It might interest you to learn that they were fined $525,000 by the FTC in 2014 for violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

BeenVerified is an aggregate people search website where users can find information about anyone with the click of a mouse. BeenVerified scrapes the internet for public records and compiles them into a database. These records may include your history, contact information, vehicle information, and information about your family members.

PeopleFinders is one of the largest owners of public records data in the U.S with an estimated 43 billion data records on file. PeopleFinders allows visitors to start their search for free and will show some basic information for free. For a complete profile on arrest records, background checks, reverse phone number look up, or information from public records users can pay a small fee to receive the full information.