OneRep vs Removaly 2021 – Finding The Better Opt Out Service

There are a few main data removal and opt out services available online in 2021. Right now, the main options are OneRep, DeleteMe, PrivacyDuck, Reputation Defender, and us, Removaly. In this comparison guide, we are going to focus on Removaly vs OneRep.

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Here at Removaly, we prefer to dive deep, providing a comprehensive, 30,000-foot view of these data removal services. Why? We believe that trusting a service with removing your personal information is one of the most important steps you can take to retain and regain control over your PPI (personal private information). For this reason, we try to put competing data removal services on just as trained a microscope as the data brokers and people search websites they help remove.

Below, we dig into what OneRep is, who owns and runs the business, benefits and concerns with their business practices, and in-depth research on how Removaly compares to OneRep on factors such as data privacy, leadership teams, pricing strategies, available free resources for consumers, and the ease of cancellation of services.

What is OneRep?

OneRep is one of the most prolific data removal and opt out privacy services currently online. Started in 2015, this company, based out of Minsk, Belarus, offers removal from 105 (updated March 2021) different people search websites.

Their mission statement is: “OneRep was founded in 2015 with a singular focus: democratizing privacy. We accomplish this through automating the removal of unauthorized listings from people search sites.

This is an interesting mission statement, as OneRep used to be a data broker service themselves before transitioning into the space of data removal. Additionally, OneRep and extremely obnoxious people search website Nuwber are operated by the same company! We needed to dig deeper to find out what was going on.

Screenshot from Privacy Duck video, 2016, showing OneRep operating as a data broker service.

Who Runs This Company?

We aren’t the first data removal and opt out services to provide a deep dive on OneRep. Removaly competitor Privacy Duck has a good initial dive into this company. However, their review of OneRep as a competitor in the data removal space is extremely outdated, hasn’t been updated since 2017, but provides some good base research into this company.

In Privacy Duck’s review, where they delved into the site in 2017, the CEO of OneRep is noted as Dzmitry Bukuyazau. This person used to be listed as the key decision-maker in OneRep’s future. However, any presence of this person from OneRep has been scrubbed, including from his own LinkedIn profile. Instead, Bukuyazau is listed as the Product Manager for a company called BigSiteGroup, a one of the leaders in digital identity verification in the US”.

BigSiteGroup doesn’t have a website, but their business profile on Park.By notes their website as, one of the data brokers that services such as OneRep are supposed to be fighting against.

Currently, OneRep lists their CEO and Founder as Dimitri Shelest, someone who has been listed as this role for over five years, yet is not mentioned anywhere in the Team About page until about 2018 or so (note, OneRep has hidden their site from caching services such as We dive more into Dimitri and other current members of the OneRep leadership team below.

Old screenshot of OneRep team in 2017, showing a different CEO, who “drives strategic vision”.

OneRep Pros and Cons

In an effort to provide as much transparency as possible, and to avoid making this comparison guide a thinly-veiled sales tactic, we want to ensure that we note the advantages and potential disadvantages of the service we are comparing Removaly to. Below are some of the benefits of OneRep, as well as some of the concerns that we have noticed about their service offering.

Benefits of OneRep

Some Concerns Regarding OneRep

How Removaly Compares

While it may seem difficult to compare two businesses that operate in such similar markets and offer such comparable services, you would be surprised if you start digging. And that is exactly what we did to compare Removaly to OneRep. Below, we have dug into comparisons of data privacy, leadership teams, pricing strategies, free opt-out guide availability, and the ease at which customers can unsubscribe from their subscription.

Comparing Data Privacy

In our experiences, we were required to provide a scan of the front and back of our drivers’ licenses. While this is a standard process for the other data removal and opt-out services online, we were informed by a customer service agent at OneRep themselves that there are actually no major data broker services that require license-related data to opt people out of their database and people search websites.

For this reason, we do not require license-related information when filling out the personal information you would like removed from data broker websites via a Removaly Defender subscription. Which begs the question, why does OneRep require this still (as of March 2021)?

Per the conversation we had with the OneRep support agent, they are fully aware that driver’s license information is not required to opt out of any of the data broker and people search services they support. However, OneRep chooses to leave this requirement present, as it was once a requirement, and there is a use case to potentially need it in the future.

With Removaly, we don’t ask for this sensitive information upfront. If it is something we discover becomes required for a specific people search site or data broker, we will inform our subscribers and proceed with obtaining that information. Nevertheless, we choose to require less sensitive personal information from you to keep the process as pain-free and unobtrusive as possible.

Comparing Teams

The team image on OneRep’s about page is intimidating for us, a team of two. With what we can assume is their headquarters in Belarus, there appears to be about fifteen individuals on their team. OneRep currently lists five people on their leadership team:

  • Dimitri Shelest, CEO & Founder
  • Mark Kapczynski, SVP, Strategic Partnerships
  • Mikalai Shershan, CTO
  • Kristina Goncharova, Head of Marketing
  • Oksana Serhiyenia, Head of Product
The OneRep Leadership team, a professional and competent-looking bunch!

We were curious into the expertise of these leadership team members, so we dug through some LinkedIn profiles and more to get a better understanding of who captained the ship of one of our main competitors. Here are a few things we found.

In comparison to the above leadership team, Removaly is as straightforward as it gets, which is how we try to make everything around here. We are just two guys with families, who started a data removal service as a side gig after becoming exasperated with both the extensive private information on us that could be found online, and the lack of trustworthy, US-based opt out services.

Removaly is just Kyle and John, from the start. Kyle is the coding wizard, a jack-of-all-trades digital professional who built the backend of this beautiful data removal service from the ground up, and provided extensive expertise in all aspects of starting, maintaining, and running a successful SaaS business. John (that’s me) handles the marketing, social media, content development, SEO, and frontend website for Removaly, including writing guides like the one you are reading now.

Unlike our two main data removal competitors, OneRep and DeleteMe/Abine, Removaly has received no funding and has absolutely no investors. Everything we do from the start has been 100% bootstrapped by Kyle and I, and therefore we are not beholden to a profit-centric model to pay back investors. Instead, we are fully customer-centric, focused on the task at hand: removing your private information from the internet.

Comparing Pricing Strategy

OneRep places a strong push into their paid plans, of which they currently offer three as of mid-March 2021: Family, Individual, and Individual+. All of their plans offer the following, per OneRep: Search results, links to exposed sites, auto-monitoring for new sites, opt-out for 101 sites, monthly email reporting, 24/7 email support, and a personal privacy assistant.

  • Family: Their family plan is listed as their “best value”, offering opt out services to up to six people in one family. The annual cost for this service is $179.95 (or $15 per month, but paid all at once), and the month-to-month cost is $27.95 per month.
  • Individual: Their individual plan is listed as their “most popular”, offering opt out services for a single person. The annual cost for this service is $99.95 (or $8.33 per month, but paid all at once), and the month-to-month cost is $14.95 per month.
  • Individual+: This service touts removal from challenging websites that are not mentioned. We contacted OneRep for more information about this service, and x. The monthly cost for this enhanced service is $229.95 per month.

In comparison, Removaly is focused on simplicity and transparency. Everything is billed annually, ensuring a clean and smooth process with minimal financial confusion on your part. One payment, and you are good for a year. We also are well aware that all email support is 24/7, and we perform close to real-time scans, instead of a once per month scan that OneRep provides, or a once per quarter scan that DeleteMe offers.

Much like OneRep, we offer three levels of Removaly Defender: Premium, Premium Couple, and Premium Family. The costs associated are $9.95 per month for one person ($119.40 billed annually), $12.95 per month for two people ($155.40 billed annually), or $14.95 per month for a family of up to six people ($179.40 billed annually).

With those numbers, our offerings cost less per site scanned than OneRep, with more robust customer service, far more frequent scanning, and a personal touch that we at Removaly pride ourselves on.

Comparing Free Opt-Out Guides

One thing that we are incredibly impressed about with OneRep is their propensity for providing extensive free opt-out guides for those who prefer to save the money and spend the time to remove themselves from these people search websites. Their offerings were the inspiration for Removaly offering the opt-out guides that we currently offer.

However, with such an amalgamation of opt out guides available through OneRep (according to this article they offer free opt-out guides to over 250 services), there is a bit of an issue when it comes to keeping them updated.

These data removal services are constantly updating their opt-out process, URLs, interface, and more. It’s clear to see that many of OneRep’s opt-out guides are outdated and currently don’t work in a step-by-step process as instructed. In fact, OneRep makes it a point to legitimately hide their free opt-out guides, to ensure a stronger, more forceful push towards their premium, paid services.

You have to scroll all the way to the footer to find this tiny text link with the opt out guides.

For all intents and purposes, with a link hidden that thoroughly, it almost appears that the purpose of these free opt out guides is simply to rank organically for opt out related search terms.

In comparison, Removaly offers fewer opt-out guides overall but ensures that the opt-out guides we do provide are as up-to-date and comprehensive as possible. Removaly’s co-founder John makes it a point to ensure that there is perfect synchronization between our free opt-out guides provided on the front end of the website to visitors looking for a more DIY approach, and the robust automation and backend platform that Kyle developed and maintains as a smooth-running machine.

Our free opt-out guides dive deep into everything you would want to know about these people search and data broker websites, a step-by-step, easy-to-follow approach to searching for your data, and a thorough primer on the process of deleting your information without utilizing services such as Removaly Defender.

We put our massive free opt-out guides front and center on our home page, to ensure that, regardless of your buyer intent, you have the information you need to keep yourself and your family safe.

Comparing Ease Of Cancellation

The first thing we noticed when we were doing our due diligence into the customer service and ease of cancellation aspect with OneRep was how convoluted the process was.

Fully unsubscribing from OneRep’s services requires you to call a customer support line, which can only be reached from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday. Our attempts to cancel our service before the end of our free trial went unanswered via both email and chat.

In comparison, we at Removaly want to ensure that if you are unhappy with your subscription, the process to cancel and handle the opt-out process on your own with Removaly Monitoring is as low-hassle as our service offering. For the quick, simple instructions on how to unsubscribe from Removaly Defender, please see our comprehensive Unsubscribe page.

Our Final Thoughts: OneRep vs Removaly

With all of the above, we can confidently say that OneRep does what they say they do, but their process is outdated, their business practices are shady, their company history is questionable, and the location of their free opt out guides are purposefully hidden to make their paid services more front and center.

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