Kanary vs Removaly 2022: Best Data Removal Service?

For us at Removaly, it’s very important to provide our users with a wide array of information for those wanting to remove their PII (personally identifiable information) from the Internet. As a result of this, we like to provide users with comparison guides, putting Removaly head to head with competing data removal companies.

This comparison is going to pit Removaly against Kanary (or TheKanary), a relatively new data removal service based in the United States. Below, we are going to dig into multiple comparisons between Kanary and Removaly, in the hopes of helping you to make the best decision for your unique set of needs.

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In this comparison guide, we are going to discuss and contrast Kanary company information, number of sites removed, customer service, pricing, frequency of scanning, and some pros and cons of Kanary vs Removaly.

What We Know About Kanary

Kanary is a US-based data removal service started in 2019 by a group of Chicago-based software engineers.

With co-founders Rachel Vrabec, Devin McGinty, and Jordan Patterson at the helm, Kanary was part of YCombinator in 2019, and raised $895,000 in a seed round from lead investor 2048 Ventures, per Forbes. They’ve also participated in other seed funding opportunities for startups, including Mozilla Builders. Unlike other competing data removal services, Kanary starts their scan using just your email address, and last year touted on Reddit an 84% success rate for removals on their platform, although their website notes 70%.

Upon inputting your email and running a free scan, you are informed that the results will be emailed to you in 24 hours. However, you are emailed a link where you can check on progress. From there, you can actually view the locations where your email has been found, which is uncommon in the data removal space, as most competitors try to keep exact URLs close to the vest.

Fast Facts on REMOVALY vs Kanary

Websites Covered49 Sites49 Sites
Frequency of ScanningUnknownFull Daily Scans
Annual Cost (1 Person)$89.99$119.40
Annual Cost (2 People)$129.99$179.40
Annual Cost (4 People)$129.99$239.40
Multiple Name/Address CombosUnknownCovered
LocationUnited StatesUnited States
Outside InvestorsYesNo, Self-Funded
Donates Portion of ProceedsUnknownYes

Sites Removed: Kanary vs Removaly

Right now, as of late 2021, Kanary claims they remove users’ personally-identifiable information from over 6,000 people search websites. An interesting claim, as they do not provide any additional insight into what any of those 6,000 websites could be outside of a smattering list of a couple of dozen data brokers they list on their website. The list they provide falls in line with most of the sites competing opt out services offer.

In comparison, Removaly currently removes users’ personally identifiable information (or PII) from the 49 most common people search websites and data brokers. All users receive access to removal from all sites with Removaly, there is no tiering involved.

Included in our list is such sites as Intelius, CheckPeople, MyLife, CheckThem, Radaris, and many more. We offer a comprehensive list of what sites we remove from here, as well as explanations as to what they are and what they do.

While Kanary covers more sites than Removaly (currently), Removaly’s number of sites covered is growing rapidly. Also, we are confident that our current list of sites we remove from covers the most common people search websites online.

Pricing Strategy: Removaly vs Kanary

For one person, Kanary costs $9.99 per month. Annual subscribers get this service for $89.99. For families (noted by Kanary as “you + five family members), the cost is $14.99 per month, or $129.99 per year. This represents a 20% discount when paying annually compared to paying month to month.

In comparison, Removaly offers three levels of pricing, not to upsell you services, but to accommodate the size of your family. Our individual plan is $9.95 per month (billed annually at $119.40). The couple plan covers two people and is $14.95 (billed annually at $179.40). This gives more flexibility to those who only need a two-person plan, or want to go in with a friend to get a Removaly membership. Our family plan covers three or more people in the same family and is $14.95 per month (billed annually at $239.40).

Overall, it appears that the cost of Kanary is comparable to the cost of Removaly. They are one of the few data removal services out there (along with Removaly) that offers deep discounts for family plans. With a standard pricing structure, knowing the scan frequency of Kanary would be crucial to truly determine value from a cost perspective. We cover scan frequency related information below.

Concerned about how much information about you is freely available online? Get your data automatically removed from dozens of people search websites and data brokers, and avoid hate raids, for less than the cost of a Netflix subscription with Removaly.

Scan Frequency: Removaly vs Kanary

There is no data readily available online as to the scan frequency offered for Kanary subscribers. However, having a monthly pricing structure, it may be safe to assume that their scan frequency is monthly, which is commonplace in newer data removal services in the marketplace. But we have no confirmation that Kanary scans more than once.

In comparison, Removaly is currently the only data removal service globally that scans every single day. We know that sometimes personal info pops back up under name variations or different addresses. We also know that there is no time to waste when this information reappears. This is why our daily scans are the most robust in the industry.

Additionally, it takes 24 hours to get a complete viewpoint of where in Kanary’s list of sites your personal information is found. To compare, Removaly’s scan completes in five minutes, and a manual check performed by a co-founder within 12 hours of free signup ensures that no stone is left unturned, at a far faster speed than competitors.

Overall, with daily scanning, Removaly is the closest data removal service on the market today to a permanent removal. We believe that it is important to constantly monitor for intrusions of personal information for our customers. Daily scanning is one of the hallmarks of Removaly’s data removal services, and we believe it makes it a superior offering to competitors such as Kanary.

Kanary’s home page

Public Image and Activity: Removaly vs Kanary

Kanary seems to be well-connected in the privacy space. They (along with Removaly) contribute to privacy advocate Yael Grauer’s large repository of opt out data. They are active in the data privacy space on Twitter. They are firmly anti-Facebook, so do not maintain a Facebook page. Additionally, they have been actively hiring additional employees throughout the course of 2021 to grow their business and product.

They are active on Reddit and have a very informative blog, although there is only one post in 2021. Additionally, per their Privacy and Security page, Kanary gathers reporting on the responsiveness of data brokers and occasionally shares aggregated statistics about responsiveness with privacy researchers, advocates, and regulators.

To compare, the two-man team at Removaly strives to be up to date in the data removal industry, consistently present in discussions, and always available for questions, comments, and concerns. We maintain an active blog with articles relevant to the data privacy space and also strive to maintain an active presence on social media.

Awards, Recognition, and Philanthropy: Removaly vs Kanary

We have not been able to locate any information on awards and recognition received by Kanary. Additionally, they have no notes on their website regarding philanthropic work. We are unsure as to whether this kind of goodwill is something that may not be feasible with their fundraising structure, however we were surprised that such a privacy-focused and privacy-forward enterprise that has been around for a few years has not won any relevant awards or received much recognition.

In comparison, while Removaly is still a relatively new business (launched in June 2021), we have already blasted onto the data removal scene. As a bootstrapped two-man team, we achieved #1 Product of the Day on ProductHunt, beating out billion-dollar, VC-invested projects and startups. Additionally, we are currently in competition for Startup of the Year for 2021 on Hackernoon for Blacksburg, Virginia.

Removaly as August 6, 2021’s ProductHunt Product of the Day

We have also pledged to donate a portion of our profits to relevant entities in the digital privacy space. For example, Removaly donates a portion of profits to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Additionally, we are strong advocates for Hate Raid Response, assisting streamers in mitigating the damage caused by hate raids.

Ease Of Cancellation and Refunds: Removaly vs Kanary

Per Kanary’s website’s (difficult to locate as it isn’t on the home page or site footer) Terms of Service, their cancellation options for subscribers are relatively simple: “As a paid or free subscriber, you understand that you have the flexibility to cancel at any time should Kanary not meet your expectations.”. Much like Removaly, Kanary does not offer a free trial subscription for users to test out their service.

If you are a free member who simply signed up for a Removaly scan, we make it quick and simple to completely delete your account with a single button click from the dashboard. If you are a paid Removaly subscriber and would like to cancel, you can cancel your account directly from your user dashboard. Removaly offers a money-back guarantee for all paid plans so if we’re not able to complete the removals as promised, we’d be happy to provide a full refund.

We at Removaly consider it incredibly important that cancellation and refund options exist and are clearly and easily accessible for all users. We refuse to hide our policies and consider it strong customer service to ensure that our opt out service also has a clear and simple opt out option available.

Concerned about how much information about you is freely available online? Get your data automatically removed from dozens of people search websites and data brokers, and avoid hate raids, for less than the cost of a Netflix subscription with Removaly.

Overall, all data removal services online exist for the common good of the consumer, and getting their private information off the Internet. Despite this, there are advantages and potential disadvantages to all data removal services. As a result, it’s crucial to get a bird’s eye view of how these data removal services work and how they differ from one another.

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