How To Prevent Identity Theft From Online Sources in 2022

It can be easy to forget how the internet is not that old in terms of our overall history. The internet was first created to build a communications network that would survive a nuclear attack. Although the internet was technically around before, it wasn’t until the 90s that the internet would be introduced to the general public. Since then the Internet has grown exponentially and nearly everyone has used or uses the internet on a daily basis. With this, it’s crucial to understand how to prevent identity theft.

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The internet has a wide variety of users that interact with each other on a daily basis. Just as many good and bad people there are in the physical world, there are just as many on the internet. There can be many potential threats that are important to look out for on the internet. One of the main concerns with using the internet and having information on the web is identity theft. 

Concerns About Identity Theft

Identity theft is becoming more of a concern and issue than ever before with the internet growing as fast as it currently is. Personal information can be accessed very easily by users who know where to look and how to obtain this data. The many tools and methods that hackers or criminals use to gather information to steal identities can be overwhelming to find out. It is essential to realize that downloading viruses and malware is not the only way for them to steal identities.

Most of the time we associate identity theft with online financial services like using credit cards or bank accounts. We often forget that the things we post on the internet are just as likely to be used for identity theft as financial services or downloading viruses.

Cybercriminals are trying to find the newest and easiest route for them to obtain personal information, so why would they stick to the old methods? Financial systems and services are usually some of the most well-encrypted software and have multi-layered security measures in place that make it much harder to bypass than accessing a social media account. 

How To Prevent Identity Theft: Trust No One

This does not mean that all financial systems are impenetrable, but it is important to look elsewhere as new technology emerges. Social media profiles are making it easier than ever for cybercriminals to find basic information like your full name, birthplace, address, and more. Even this basic information can be used to start building the foundations of creating a fraudulent identity.

LinkedIn is a prime example of how using their social media platform can expose your information to criminals. Listing all of the schools you have attended and when as well as the personal details gathered from your list of colleagues and friends can easily be used to answer challenging security questions like the ones set up in place in case you forget a password to a certain account. If someone obtained this information, it would be much easier to log into your personal accounts even as simple as an email account. 

Instead of making it easier for them to steal your personal information, choose the smarter option by keeping the personal details of your life off of the internet and social media.

If you have already put your personal information online, you can edit or alter the information you have so that if a cybercriminal found your profile, it would include misinformation to lead them in the wrong direction and make it harder to create a fake identity. 

Final Thoughts On How To Prevent Identity Theft

In today’s world, it is important to acknowledge the dangers of the internet and exposing personal information. With the new technology and apps we use today, it can be easy to forget that we expose a lot of information on our own and there are plenty of ways to minimize the risk of identity theft. Don’t wait until your identity has been stolen to take control of what personal information is on the internet.

Be proactive and take the steps necessary to keep your identity safe. Staying on top of the current trends and new tactics criminals use to gather data will make you a much less likely target for identity theft. Take this information and identity theft tips with you on your journey of keeping your information and identity safe.

Protect Your Personal Data

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