Frequently Asked Questions

With our strong focus on customer service, we receive a good number of questions from potential and current subscribers to Removaly’s data removal services, as well as those looking to simply obtain a better view of how widespread their data is being thrown across people search websites and data brokers.

As a result, we have put together the below list of frequently asked questions, to assist in the process of ensuring you have the resources and knowledge necessary to keep you and your loved ones safe, regardless of if you utilize Removaly’s services or not.

For ease of navigation, below is a list of common questions. Feel free to click on one of the links in the list to snap straight to that question and answer.

Removaly Frequently Asked Questions

Which sites do you remove my information from?

One of our strongest strengths is our ability to add new sites to our repertoire of sites we remove from on a regular basis. As of right now, we remove you and your loved ones’ personal information from 53 people search websites and data brokers. The full, updated list of sites we remove from can be found in this list.

How often does Removaly scan for my information?

We scan every single day, and are currently the only data removal service that offers daily scans. Most competitors operate on a monthly or quarterly basis. Some only scan once! We know the prevalence of hits to return, and the odds that a new hit can show up on a website that it may not have shown up before. We also know that sometimes people move and want to make sure their new address is scrubbed.

That’s where we shine. Again, we scan every day, and we also scan whenever there is new information added to your account (new address, new phone number, new family member, etc).

Can my personal information reappear after Removaly removes it?

It most definitely can, and typically over time will. People search websites and data brokers have somewhat free reign when it comes to the amount and type of data they can add into their databases. As a result, they are well within their (current) rights to re-add removed information to their databases and public-facing website.

Removaly addresses this concern by scanning websites we cover every day for your data, an industry first in the data removal space.

There’s a site not listed that I want my information removed from. How can I get it added?

For a one-off, uncommon situation for subscribers of our automated platform, please feel free to reach out to us via the chat option in the bottom corner, or sending an email to [email protected]. We strive to not let any email sit in our inbox for over 24 hours. Any communication you receive will be from either Kyle or I, no exceptions. We value your privacy above all else, and value our strong customer service.

For people search websites and data brokers that may have a strong method of automated removal, or that we have received multiple requests to add into our automated system, we will add the website to our queue to get set up in our automatic Removaly platform. As stated above, we work diligently on adding more sites to our arsenal of web properties we remove your personal information from.

How quickly after subscribing do you start removing my personal information?

The removal process begins immediately upon the completion of your first scan. Typically, within the first week of subscribing to Removaly’s services, all of the hits found will be submitted for removal and roughly 75% of the hits found for you and your family will be removed. Usually, the remaining 25% will be removed in 1-6 weeks depending on the data broker.

As you can see from this information, we are generally much faster at removing your information than our competitors. We try to get to work and submit newly-found hits for removal immediately. Then as we scan daily, there is a high likelihood that more hits will be found over time. In that case, we submit them for removal as soon as we find them.

What information do you ask from me to start a scan?

In order to most accurately obtain the existence of your personal information from across the Internet, we ask for your full name (including middle name), age, current address, and email address. We have a line for a phone number, but that is currently an optional addition that only serves to assist us in further narrowing down results and finding hits that may otherwise be overlooked. This is the only information we ask for in the removal process.

Unlike some of our competitors, we never ask for a scan of your Drivers’ License or official identification. While there are some data removal sites that currently require this to assist in the opt out process, we have found that all data brokers no longer require that information to opt our customers out of their database.

Are there free opt out guides if I’m not comfortable giving out my personal information?

There sure are! We completely understand if some are hesitant to give their personally identifiable information over to an additional site in order to run a scan or start a Removaly subscription. We also understand if some, in our current national situation, don’t have the budget to spend $9.99+ per month on a data removal service.

That being the case, we at Removaly pride ourselves on education and resources over the revenue-generating aspect of our business. We offer extensive free opt out guides that can be accessed by anyone at any time. They can be found here. These guides are updated regularly, and contain all the information you need to find your information and get it removed from specific people search websites and data brokers.

Do I have to pay to get the information needed to remove my personal data?

Absolutely not. As stated, we focus on helping others over our personal profits. All of our free opt-out guides can be found for free across our website. The initial scan that can be performed is done at no cost to you, no strings attached. This scan will show you a rough estimate of where your personal information can be found, and significantly cut down on the manual scouring that you will need to do if going the do-it-yourself route.

Our paid Removaly subscription service (get pricing information here for individual, couple, and family subscriptions)

Why is there no monthly payment option for Removaly?

Simply put, an annual rebill is far more convenient for both our customers and ourselves. Odds are high that most, if not all, of your opt outs will be removed within 48 to 72 hours after signing up for Removaly services. So why would you need a full year minus two to three days of personal security?

Removaly offers extensive benefits for those who remain customers. We consistently add new sites into the arsenal of sites we remove from, as mentioned above. As a result, those who subscribe for a month and think their opt-outs are permanently gone, then unsubscribe, will face issues when we add new sites into the list of sites we remove from and their personal data remains online. With our annual purchase, you are protected from all sites, and any sites we add in that year, no questions asked.

Additionally, data does come back. All it takes is a new data dump from a data broker or people search website to another data broker, and they can technically legally re-add your personal information. If this happens a couple of months after the end of a one-month subscription, the onus and fault would fall on us for not keeping you protected as we promised to do.

With an annual plan and DAILY scans, we can ensure that any reoccurrence of your personal data, or any new addresses or personal information of yours, can be protected for the entire year, again, no questions asked.

My personal information is still on Google, but you said it’s removed. What gives?

This is one of our most common questions. Some of the most common offenders for this are Whitepages, Radaris, Clustrmaps, Nuwber, and Fast People Search, among many others. While there may be a “Page Not Found” result when a potential bad actor clicks through on the offending link, the information is still there in Google. So why does this happen? And what recourse do you have to do something about it?

To help explain this and what can be done, we have developed the following two resources:

Does Removaly remove PPP loan related information found online?

Did you borrow a loan from the Paycheck Protection Program, or PPP, for your business? If the answer is yes, some of the information you provided for your loan is now discoverable in public databases, thanks to the US SBA (Small Business Administration).

For more information about whether this information can be removed (short answer: it can’t), we have written up the guide Help! My PPP Loan Caused My Personal Info To Appear Online.

Do you serve users from outside the United States?

As of right now, Kyle and I only serve users inside the United States. When creating a Removaly account and adding your address, you’ll notice that the United States cell is grayed out. If you are outside the US and need data removal services, we are looking into opening our services up to users in the near future. However, for the time being, our focus is on the largest bastion of data broker cronyism on Earth, the United States of America.

I have a question that’s not listed here, how can I get in touch?

You can reach us via our contact form or online chat for anything that is not covered in our frequently asked questions. We are readily available to help!