Donating to the Electronic Frontier Foundation in 2021

When Kyle and I first started Removaly, one of the main goals we had when we started becoming profitable was to donate to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. As digital privacy and rights advocates from the get-go, a donation to the EFF was the least we could do to help advance the future of civil liberties in the digital world.

For this reason, Removaly has joined the ranks of companies such as DuckDuckGo and Hackernoon who donate to as part of our mission to give back to privacy-focused causes.

What is the Electronic Frontier Foundation?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, better known as the EFF, is a leading nonprofit focused on defending human civil liberties in our ever-changing digital world. Founded over 30 years ago, the EFF is a champion of free expression, innovation, and user privacy through policy analysis, impact litigation, technological development, and grassroots activism. Their mission is to ensure technology supports justice, innovation, and freedom all over the globe.

Even in the earliest days of the Internet, the Electronic Frontier Foundation understood fully that protecting technology access on a worldwide scale was crucial to advancing freedom for everyone.

In the decades that followed, the EFF used their independent voice to clear the way for encryption, open-source software, file sharing tools, security research, and emerging technology.

Today, the EFF utilizes the professional expertise of activists, attorneys, and technologists in their efforts to fight illegal surveillance, defend freedom of speech online, advocate for innovators and users, and support technology to enhance freedom overall.

Together, the Electronic Frontier Foundation forged a strong network of partner organizations and concerned members spanning across the globe. The EFF educates press, advises policy makers, and develops educational guides, comprehensive analyses, activism workshops, and much more. Overall, the EFF emplowers millions through their Action Center, and has become one of the strongest voices in the debate of online rights.

The EFF’s Six Main Points of Interest

The Electronic Frontier Foundation deals with six main issues: Free speech, digital privacy, creativity and innovation, transparency, international issues, and digital security.

Free Speech

New technologies offer the promise of speect without borders and with minimal barriers. The Internet has enhanced people’s abilities to express themselves, as well as their ability to archive, share, and access information. Everyone deserve the opportunity to take advantage of this promise. Free exchange of ideas benefits everyone.

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Digital Privacy

New technologies radically advance digital freedom. However, they also enable an unparalleled invasion of digital privacy. Both national and international laws haven’t caught up with the ever-changing needs for privacy that arise with expansions in digital technologies.

Respect for the autonomy of individuals, the right to freedom of association, and anonymous speech need to be balanced against legitimatized concerns such as law enforcement. The Electronic Frontier Foundation fights in Congress and the courts to maintain privacy rights in the digital world. They work with partners globally to support the development of technology to protect privacy.

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Creativity and Innovation

The digital future of the world depends on people’s ability to use, access, and build upon technologies. In the opinion of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, just a few political interests or media conglomerates should not have unfair legal and technological advantages over the rest.

However, unfortunately, litigious patent and copyright owners persistently abuse laws to stifle their competition and to inhibit the concept of fair use. ISPs also consistently provide content development companies advantages over smaller startups. They also have no issues vetoing choices made in how you get to utilize the Internet.

The EFF works diligently to fight against the unfair practices in the world of creativity and innovation. They defend everyone from investors and digital creators, to standard users of technology. They work to strengthen and protect open access, innovation, net neutrality, fair use, and everyone’s freedom to tinker about online.

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Oftentimes, knowing what the government has been up to is the cornerstone step to ensure the government continues to respect citizens’ civil liberties. Transparency is doubly important given the increasingly secret use of new government technology for both national security and law enforcement purposes.

From tracking cell phone locations to using drones for surveillance, secretive interpretation of electronic surveillance laws, and expanding the use of biometrics, the Electronic Frontier Foundation strives for government accountability balanced with upholding the digital rights of the consumer.

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International Issues

The international team at the Electronic Frontier Foundation advocates for freedom of speech and privacy, as well as an open Internet both in international locations and around the world. They expose unwarranted and mass surveillance, as well as educating unlawfully-targeted users on the best methods to protect both themselves and those around them.

The EFF also utilizes individual cases worldwide to highlight the effects technology has had on modern human rights. Additionally, they defend the detention and persecution of technologists, wherever they may be.

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Digital Security

Digital security (and the inherent lack of) is a strong, fundamental problem, underpinning quite a bit of the way that the Internet functions (and fails to properly function). Many of the policy problems that the Electronic Frontier Foundation works on are strongly linked to security, including digital rights management, anonymity and privacy, network neutrality, and general censorship.

The EFF works directly with consumers and advocacy groups on a wide range of security-related issues, including:

  • Increasing the deployment of cryptographic deployment protocols
  • Improvements in protocol security
  • Offerings of legal assitance to researchers
  • The offer of practical security advice to activists
  • Direct audits of open source code bases
  • Work on development of security standard updates and changes

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Our Promise To You

Here at Removaly, we promise to follow the ideals set forth by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The issues they fight for align with the issues Kyle and I believe in.

We are proud to have donated to the EFF, and we hope you will follow our lead and do the same.

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