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Last Updated: December 2021.

From satisfying our curiosity about a favorite celebrity to catching up with former high school classmates, a fair share of the population has probably used an online people search site at some point. Over the last decade, these massive digital databases have proliferated, with big names like PeekYou and BeenVerified occupying much of the market share alongside dozens of smaller sites like CheckThem.

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The premise of these data-aggregating sites is simple: Enter a person’s name and last known city of residence, and the site will scan millions of public records and other sources to compile a comprehensive report about the person, including contact information, criminal history, social media profiles and more. Depending on the site’s quality standards and fact-checking process, the veracity of the information it delivers can range from hit-or-miss to chillingly accurate.  

If you’re troubled by the idea of total strangers—or even people you know—accessing private details about your life, you’re not alone. Fortunately, you can join the growing ranks of individuals choosing to opt out of the inclusion of their personal information on people search sites. In most cases, the opt out process is relatively painless, but you’ll need to complete a separate opt out request for each site. Below, we’ll explain how to opt out of CheckThem, a relative newcomer to the legion of online data aggregators.

Fast Facts for CheckThem Opt Out

  • Timeframe for CheckThem opt out:
  • Time needed for manually opting out:
  • Does the opt out require an email address:
  • Do I need to solve a CAPTCHA to opt out of CheckThem?:
  • Is a phone number required for a CheckThem opt out?: No, you do not need to get on the phone to opt out.
  • Do I have you upload a copy of my ID?: No.
  • Is a mailed request required for opting out of CheckThem?: No, you will not need to mail anything in.
  • Overall difficulty of a CheckThem opt out: .

What is CheckThem?


CheckThem markets itself as a “provider of comprehensive background check services” that enables people to conduct anonymous searches for information about friends, family, neighbors, professional colleagues and acquaintances.

The site combs through billions of public records to help its clients find people, identify the owners of specific phone numbers, access property information, locate criminal records and more.

How Does CheckThem Work?

checkthem opt out home page
CheckThem home page as of December 2021

To find someone on CheckThem, users enter a person’s first and last name and state into the search bar. The site’s proprietary algorithm explores the billions of files in its database to identify and aggregate information about individuals associated with that name and location.

Users can then click on the file that corresponds with the person for whom they’re searching and create a paid account on the site to access the comprehensive report, which may include details such as marriage and divorce records, property records, employment history, professional licenses, social media accounts, civil lawsuits, arrests, traffic offenses, warrants, criminal convictions, probation and more.

In addition to searches for a specific name, CheckThem also offers several other search functions, including:

  • Reverse phone number search: This search allows users to access information related to unknown or unwanted calls or text messages they may be receiving; by entering a phone number in CheckThem, users can potentially obtain the name of the person associated with the number, their location, cell phone provider (if applicable) and more.
  • Property search: Drop an address into CheckThem’s property search function, and the database will spit out information about the property’s ownership history, mortgages, deeds, liens, titles, judgements and more.
  • Deep Web search: With this service, users enter an email address, which CheckThem uses to search the so-called “dark web” to reveal whether the email address and/or information associated with it has been hacked or otherwise compromised.

Not surprisingly, CheckThem also suggests running a protective search on yourself and your spouse or significant other. The first search is designed to help you discover to what extent your personal information is exposed online, while the latter is intended to ensure that the person closest to you deserves your trust.

How to Remove Yourself from CheckThem

If you run the preemptive self-check suggested by CheckThem and are disturbed by the type and amount of your private information that’s available online—or you already know you want to remove your information in CheckThem’s database—you can submit an opt out request using the process below.

Not wanting to deal with the manual process of a CheckThem Opt Out? Get your data automatically removed from CheckThem and dozens of other people search websites for less than the cost of a Netflix subscription with Removaly.

CheckThem Opt Out Guide

To opt out of having your personal details included in CheckThem’s search results, visit the site’s opt out page and enter your first and last name, city and state. The opt out page can also be found at the very bottom of the home page, in the footer under REMOVE MY INFO.

Once you locate your record, select it by clicking the green Choose button under the Choose For Optout heading. If you have a common name, you may have to do some sifting to find the correct record.

From here, you will be taken to the CheckThem opt out main page. Enter a valid email address, answer the security questions, and check the captcha form.

The email you use needs to be one you can check and respond to, not a throwaway email, as your opt out confirmation email will be sent there. Note: The plus trick for email purposes doesn’t work for CheckThem opt out purposes.

After answering two verification questions, you will receive an email at the address you provide to proceed with the next step of the CheckThem opt out.

Click the CheckThem opt out link in the email to complete the process.

You will see a screen verifying receipt of your opt out request and suggesting you allow 24 hours for the site’s database cache to be updated. The actual message is: “Successfully opted out. Please allow 24 hours for cache to update.”

You can also submit an opt out request by mail to CheckThem, 861 Sixth Avenue, Suite 310, San Diego, CA 92101, or call the company at (800) 410-3722 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. PST Monday through Friday. However, using the online CheckThem opt out tool is by far the easiest and fastest way to have your report pulled from the CheckThem database.

Frequently Asked Questions About CheckThem Listing Removal

We often receive questions about different aspects of removing your personal information from sites such as CheckThem Search. Below are the answers to some of the most common questions we receive as it relates to both general data removal as well as CheckThem opt out data removal.

Not wanting to deal with the manual process of a CheckThem Opt Out? Get your data automatically removed from CheckThem and dozens of other people search websites for less than the cost of a Netflix subscription with Removaly.

CheckThem and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Passed in 2018 and implemented in 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) defines and protects specific rights for California residents and the control of their personal data. Under the law, Californians are explicitly granted the right to:

  • Know what kinds of information companies have collected about them and how it is being used
  • The right to refuse to allow companies to collect or sell their personal data
  • The right to demand that companies destroy any data they may have already collected about that individual
  • The right to make these demands without experiencing retaliation or discrimination by the companies involved

The law applies to all companies earning $25 million or more in gross annual revenue as well as those that derive 50 percent or more of their revenue from selling consumer data and those that have obtained or sold data from 50,000 or more consumers, households or devices.

Under the Privacy section of its website, CheckThem acknowledges the law and affirms the right of California residents “to request certain information regarding our disclosure of Personal Information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes.” California consumers can request this information by sending an email to [email protected]

Other Opt Out Guides

Looking for a more comprehensive opt out approach to effectively scrub your personal information from data brokers? Here are four additional opt out guides we recommend you follow after completing your CheckThem opt out:

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If you are looking for a quick way to get to some of the more important links on the CheckThem website, feel free to use the links below to get there without the hassle:

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