[FREE] PrivateEye Opt Out – How To Remove Yourself 2021

We’ve all done it—searched social media to see what a former romantic flame is up to or trawled the web to learn more about a mysterious new coworker. Maybe you’ve even gone so far as to pay for a background checkto investigate an online dating match before you meet in person. People-finder sites like PrivateEye … Read more

[FREE] NeighborWho Opt Out – How To Remove Yourself 2021

In our modern world, many of us know next to nothing about the people who share our streets or our subdivisions. Gone are the days when folks would run to their neighbor’s house to borrow an egg or a cup of sugar; chances are we don’t even know their names. This era of relative anonymityhas … Read more

[FREE] USPhoneBook Opt Out – How To Remove Yourself 2021

If you’re trying to figure out the origin of an unidentified caller or want to keep tabs on your kids’ or partner’s cell phone use, a reverse phone lookup service like USPhoneBook can be extremely helpful. But when you realize just how easy it is to use one of these services to access the personal … Read more

[FAST] Clustrmaps Opt Out – How To Remove Yourself In 2021

clustrmaps opt out featured

Most of us are accustomed to using conventional search engines like Google and Bing when we want to find information online, but did you know that “people search engines” also exist, allowing users to search for a person’s name and retrieve a surprisingly large amount of personal data—including their residential address, phone number, email address, … Read more

[FREE] Voter Records Opt Out – Remove Yourself In 2021

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In today’s contentious political climate, many of us would prefer not to reveal our party affiliation or other political opinions to our neighbors, coworkers or casual acquaintances. Unfortunately, the proliferation of online data brokers like Voter Records makes it challenging to keep our political views private. With just a few clicks, anyone with an internet … Read more

[EASY] Neighbor Report Opt Out – Remove Yourself in 2021

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At one time or another, most of us have searched our own names online and were probably troubled by the results, which often include detailed reports from the dozens of data brokers and people search sites that exist to profit from consumers’ personal information. For just a few dollars, these businesses will release your private … Read more

[FREE] MyLife Opt Out 2021 – Comprehensive MyLife Removal

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A quick Google search of your name will almost certainly yield results from MyLife, a data-aggregation service that pulls personal information from hundreds of online sources to create profiles and “reputation scores” for millions of individuals. Unlike other data brokers that simply combine various sources of public information about a person and make them available … Read more

[FAST] US Search Opt Out Guide – Remove Yourself In 2021

us search opt out guide

If you’ve ever searched for someone online, the results probably included at least a handful of links to people search sites like MyLife, Intelius, Instant CheckMate and US Search. These kinds of sites—also known as data brokers, data aggregators and people finder services—generate billions of dollars each year by charging users to access individuals’ personal … Read more

[EASY] ZabaSearch Opt Out Guide – Remove Yourself In 2021

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The old adage “things aren’t always what they seem” rings even more true in this era of online fraud, catfishing and other deceptive schemes. To meet the growing demand for services that offer background checks and other information about specific individuals, dozens of so-called “people search” companies have launched in recent years, allowing paid subscribers … Read more

[FREE] CheckThem Opt Out 2021 – Remove Yourself In 2021

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From satisfying our curiosity about a favorite celebrity to catching up with former high school classmates, a fair share of the population has probably used an online people search site at some point. Over the last decade, these massive digital databases have proliferated, with big names like PeekYou and BeenVerified occupying much of the market … Read more