Removaly Offers Free Services to Family Members of Uvalde Shooting Victims

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Removaly has pledged to offer free data removal services to immediate family members of victims of the mass school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Kyle and I know that harassment of victims’ family is rampant in tragedies such as this and that it is critical to ensure that the personal information of … Read more

Removaly Is Now Accredited with the Better Business Bureau

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One of the “rites of passage” for any small business is to jump through the hoop of paying to become accredited with the Better Business Bureau. This serves a few main purposes: You can have all the positive reviews in the world, but if you aren’t accredited through the BBB, you will never attain a … Read more

Donating to the Electronic Frontier Foundation in 2021

electronic frontier foundation

When Kyle and I first started Removaly, one of the main goals we had when we started becoming profitable was to donate to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. As digital privacy and rights advocates from the get-go, a donation to the EFF was the least we could do to help advance the future of civil liberties … Read more

What Happened To PrivacyDuck in 2021?

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We here at Removaly were curious as to what happened to PrivacyDuck in mid-2021. It seemed as if the boutique data removal service just disappeared off the face of the online earth. We have been asked by prospective clients and people within the data removal space this question as well. As a result, we tried … Read more