Data Brokers That Don’t Honor Requests: Fall 2022 Update

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Here at Removaly, we usually have no problem getting data brokers to comply with our removal requests. If a certain data broker doesn’t honor the initial request through their opt out forms, they almost always will comply when contacting or emailing them. Although we remain successful at removing information, there are instances where data brokers … Read more

How Cloud Archiving Can Help Your Business Protect Personal Data

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Business today moves at the speed of light. Emails, documents, presentations, and spreadsheets need to be shared instantaneously across the globe. With the sharing of electronic data increasing exponentially, however, so does the risk of data loss. As data volumes increase, cloud archiving is becoming an increasingly attractive option for businesses looking to safeguard their … Read more

6 Examples of Personally Identifiable Information Online

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Whether you like it or not we are living in a world that revolves around data. The amount of data is increasing by the second and every company wants more of it. Most of this data is shared with our consent by using their products or services. The general population doesn’t realize how much data … Read more

Best Data Removal Service in 2022

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We know, we know. It will be a bit biased for us, the co-founders of Removaly, to opine on what the “best data removal service” might be. However, we will try to alleviate any kind of sway by not recommending and specific service. Instead, we want to provide visitors with a framework by which they … Read more

How To Prevent Identity Theft From Online Sources in 2022

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It can be easy to forget how the internet is not that old in terms of our overall history. The internet was first created to build a communications network that would survive a nuclear attack. Although the internet was technically around before, it wasn’t until the 90s that the internet would be introduced to the … Read more

How To Protect Your Online Privacy: 4 Great Methods for 2022

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The internet has created a world in which we can access information in seconds with a couple of clicks of a button. There has never been a time with so much available information at one’s fingertips. As with many benefits that come with the advancement of technology and the internet, there are many downsides that … Read more

What is the Dark Web? What to Do When Your Info Is Found

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Despite using it on a daily or near-daily basis, most of us have an incomplete understanding of the World Wide Web—particularly the shadowy, sinister-sounding realm of the “dark web.” But knowledge is power. Knowing more about how the dark web works can help you take proactive steps to prevent your personal information from being shared, … Read more