Help! My PPP Loan Caused My Personal Info To Appear Online

ppp loan public information

Did you borrow a loan from the Paycheck Protection Program, or PPP, for your business? If the answer is yes, some of the information you provided for your loan is now discoverable in public databases, thanks to the US SBA (Small Business Administration). Initially, the government planned to only release the information about those who … Read more

CheckThem: 2016-2022. The Demise of a Data Broker

checkthem demise featured

Kyle and I at Removaly recently became aware of a new development in the world of people search websites, data broker removals and opt out services. San Diego, California-based CheckThem, an extremely popular people search site housing millions of profiles and records, has shut its doors for good. We have confirmed that their main people … Read more

How To Permanently Remove Nudes on Phone (iPhone/Android)

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This article is a judgment-free zone, so we won’t spend time debating the wisdom of capturing and sharing nudes on phone conversation strings, in photo apps, and more. Instead, we’ll simply walk you step-by-step through the process of ensuring that these photos—and just as importantly, their metadata—are completely erased from your device and are inaccessible … Read more

[QUICK] How To Delete A Tweet Permanently: A Guide For 2022

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Since 2006, Twitter has served as a wildly popular source of news, entertainment, political discourse, and commentary—all limited to posts (“tweets”) of fewer than 280 characters (or 140 prior to the changes made in 2017 doubling the maximum length of tweets). Its 330 million active monthly users produce an average total of 500 million tweets … Read more

[IMPORTANT] The 10 Largest US Data Brokers Selling Your Data

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As we work, play and do business online, we constantly give away tidbits of our personal data in exchange for access to “free” services like search engines, email services, social networking platforms, news sites, games, streaming media and other apps and websites. When combined with the vast amount of private information available through public records … Read more

What Does Google Know About Me? Privacy in 2022

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Google. They can be considered the largest and most prolific data harvesting machine in world history. Google collects an astonishing amount of information about you, and can make assumptions about you based on this collected data. Below, we are going to dive into the question “What does Google know about me?“, discover what kind of … Read more

[QUICK] How To Delete Google Search Results, 2022 Update

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One of the most common questions we get here at Removaly after someone’s personal information has been removed from a data broker or people search sites are how to delete Google search results associated with that listing. After all, once a people search site listing is removed, the Google search result should disappear immediately, correct? … Read more