US Search Opt Out Guide – How To Remove Yourself In 2021

us search opt out guide

If you’ve ever searched for someone online, the results probably included at least a handful of links to people search sites like MyLife, Intelius, Instant CheckMate and US Search. These kinds of sites—also known as data brokers, data aggregators and people finder services—generate billions of dollars each year by charging users to access individuals’ personal … Read more

ZabaSearch Opt Out Guide – How To Remove Yourself In 2021

zabasearch opt out

The old adage “things aren’t always what they seem” rings even more true in this era of online fraud, catfishing and other deceptive schemes. To meet the growing demand for services that offer background checks and other information about specific individuals, dozens of so-called “people search” companies have launched in recent years, allowing paid subscribers … Read more

CheckThem Opt Out Guide – How To Remove Yourself In 2021

checkthem opt out

From satisfying our curiosity about a favorite celebrity to catching up with former high school classmates, a fair share of the population has probably used an online people search site at some point. Over the last decade, these massive digital databases have proliferated, with big names like PeekYou and BeenVerified occupying much of the market … Read more

Fast People Search Opt Out Guide – Remove Yourself In 2021

fast people search opt out

If you’ve ever taken the time to search your name online, you may have been surprised to learn how much of your personal information is out there for the world to discover. Due in large part to the exponential growth of digital data aggregators, a massive amount of private information—including our names, contact information, criminal … Read more

CheckPeople Opt Out Guide – How To Remove Yourself In 2021

checkpeople opt out featured

The internet has completely changed the way most of us access information—including information about the people in our lives. Conducting a quick online search can help us locate former high school classmates, learn more about the person we’re planning a first date with or ensure that there aren’t any sex offenders living in our new … Read more

PeopleLooker Opt Out Guide – How To Remove Yourself In 2021

peoplelooker opt out

In an overwhelmingly digital world, it can be hard to know whom to trust. A promising match on a dating app can turn out to be someone completely different from the description in their profile. A new Facebook friend may end up being a bot or troll based in another country. The classified listing advertising … Read more

TruthFinder Opt Out Guide – How To Remove Yourself In 2021

truthfinder opt out

With near-daily news reports on data breaches and identity theft, it’s no wonder more and more people are looking for ways to remove their private information from the internet. If your 2021 to-do list includes minimizing your online exposure, you’ll want to ensure that you opt out from data brokers like TruthFinder, one of the … Read more

DeleteMe vs Removaly 2021 – Find The Better Opt Out Service

deleteme vs removaly

There are a few main data removal and opt out services available online in 2021. Right now, the main options are OneRep, DeleteMe, PrivacyDuck, Reputation Defender, and us, Removaly. In this comparison guide, we are going to focus on Removaly vs DeleteMe. We at Removaly prefer to make our in-depth research public, providing a comprehensive … Read more

The 2021 Primer For How To Stop Junk Mail Invading Your Home

how to stop junk mail featured

In 2021, most of us conduct a vast share of the activities of daily life within the digital realm. We scroll through our social media feeds to read the news and keep up with family members; we use text messaging and email to communicate with coworkers and friends, and we do most of our banking … Read more