Removaly Is Now Accredited with the Better Business Bureau

One of the “rites of passage” for any small business is to jump through the hoop of paying to become accredited with the Better Business Bureau. This serves a few main purposes:

  • You can have all the positive reviews in the world, but if you aren’t accredited through the BBB, you will never attain a grade of more than an A-.
  • The Better Business Bureau is typically the gold standard for trust across the small business review space.
  • Having another set of professional eyes give Removaly a once-over and determine we are “fit to print” is a great way to add trust in ourselves and our brand.
  • It provides us additional resources that would be unavailable to non-accredited businesses.

So we pulled the trigger and applied for accreditation. It was a quick, inexpensive process, and of course, Removaly passed the review with flying colors. As a result, we are officially accredited with the Better Business Bureau of Northern Virginia. Check out our profile here. We are pretty proud of it, but we are biased as well.

removaly better business bureau

Why Accreditation with the Better Business Bureau?

Kyle and I asked ourselves this as well. We are a fully distributed, remote, digital-focused enterprise. The BBB seems more focused on entities that have a physical presence. So why go through the rigamarole?


Our main reason was transparency. A wide-open Better Business Bureau profile provides consumers an equal footing to provide feedback and receive transparent responses to concerns, questions, and general commentary. For all intents and purposes, it puts Removaly’s performance on the center stage and provides recourse for any customers who have feedback that needs to be addressed.

While our competitors have less-than-stellar BBB reviews that they have needed to respond to, Removaly maintains a spotless record of positive feedback from those reviewing us through the Better Business Bureau. Our goal is to keep it that way through our Privacy Over Profits approach to how we operate.


Our secondary reason for establishing accreditation with the Better Business Bureau is trust. While they are sometimes misattributed as a government entity, the BBB is nothing more than a consumer advocacy organization and review aggregator. Despite this, they are a strong source of truth and have far more stringent review policies than competing review sites such as Yelp. As a result, people tend to trust BBB reviews more than alternatives.

We stand by our organic methods to establish trust in the industry. Another example of Removaly “putting our money where our mouth is” is our contribution to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (seen here).

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