Best Data Removal Service in 2022

We know, we know. It will be a bit biased for us, the co-founders of Removaly, to opine on what the “best data removal service” might be. However, we will try to alleviate any kind of sway by not recommending and specific service. Instead, we want to provide visitors with a framework by which they can evaluate to find the best data removal service on their own. We promise it will be worth the read.

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Let Removaly keep a watchful eye on your personally identifiable information with automated, real-time data removal.

Finding The Best Data Removal Service For Your Needs

There is no universal right answer to what the strongest data removal offering is going to be. It will depend on your individual needs, as well as what is most important to you personally. Some of the factors that should be considered are: cost, location/privacy, sites covered, speed of removals, scan frequency, and customer service. We will dig into each one of these factors below.


Typical data removal services currently available on the market will range in cost from $20 to over $1,000 per year. The average cost of a data removal service is somewhere around $120 annually for an individual.

There are some services offering packages for couples and families, while others will become more expensive the more people you add to your data removal service. If cost is a major factor for you, there are a few less expensive options that will work for your needs. However, the saying holds true: Speed, quality, cost: pick two.


Determining the actual physical location of the company you are using is far more important than you may realize. For instance, there are some services that are less expensive than others, but are based outside the United States. Sure, there is nothing wrong with a company being located outside the US. However, for data removal services serving only US residents, it seems a bit odd.

On top of this, many services based in the US will offshore your data removals to contractors located overseas. Check the privacy policy of your preferred service provider for something along the lines of International Data Transfer. If you see that the service offshored data, it may be a decision on whether or not that is a factor in your decision.

The aspect of location where your data will be handled may mot matter to you, which is completely fine. However, it is noteworthy to ensure you know where your personal information is going in this industry.

Number of Sites Covered

Another important consideration is the number of websites that a data removal service covers. Some cover 15-20 sites, others (like Removaly) cover 50+, while yet some others cover over 100 sites. However, the sites themselves should also be considered.

Does it cost more money to cover more popular sites such as WhitePages? Is that higher cost with the difference? There are some data removal services that claim to scan thousands of sites.

However, checking the list of covered sites shows the number they actually REMOVE data from is far, far smaller. If your purpose is to remove your information from people search sites, it’s definitely important to figure out how many people search sites the best data removal service will remove you from!

A last note on this is that many services should also have options to submit custom requests. What this does is serve as recourse if you find your information on the Internet and want the service to look into removing it on your behalf. Some don’t offer this additional service, so that is something to inquire about.

If this is an offering, it may be possible that they do this because they cover fewer people search sites. However, if you use a search engine and look your name up, then find your personal information there, with custom requests you can submit it for removal and have it removed, which may be worth an extra few dollars to you. But again, everyone’s individual situation is different.

Speed of Removals

There are some data removal services out there that state that removals can take upwards of six months. However, others can guarantee removals within six weeks. Knowing the amount of time you will need to wait to get your information removed is a very important aspect to consider when searching for the best data removal service.

Frequency of Scans

Another consideration that should be taken is the scan frequency of the service offered. Some services, such as EasyOptOuts, scan once every four months to see if your personal information has been put back up on people search sites. Others, such as DeleteMe, scan quarterly. Others like OneRep may scan once per month. Removaly is currently the only service online scanning daily for personal information for customers.

Customer Service

This is more important than you might think. Some services have live chat. Others may have a phone number you can call. Some have the option to get a callback. Others might guarantee a reply within 24 hours. Some don’t guarantee a reply at all!

Customer service varies drastically between services. So, whoever you decide to go with, we would highly encourage you to try to get in touch with them first to check on their response times.

Final Thoughts on the Best Data Removal Service

All in all, the answer to the question is going to be different for every person. In general, you’ll want to have the most protection and coverage, but you also have to factor in the cost as well.

At Removaly we tried to make a good balance of everything by covering the most common sites that people find themselves on for a reasonable fee, all while being 100% US based and offering daily scans and usually responding to support requests within 1 hour during normal business hours.

We’ve done deep dives into a chunk of competitors and encourage you to check those out before subscribing to make sure you’re signing up for the service that’s right for you.

Protect Your Personal Data

Let Removaly keep a watchful eye on your personally identifiable information with automated, real-time data removal.

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