How Cloud Archiving Can Help Your Business Protect Personal Data

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Business today moves at the speed of light. Emails, documents, presentations, and spreadsheets need to be shared instantaneously across the globe. With the sharing of electronic data increasing exponentially, however, so does the risk of data loss. As data volumes increase, cloud archiving is becoming an increasingly attractive option for businesses looking to safeguard their … Read more

What is the Dark Web? What to Do When Your Info Is Found

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Despite using it on a daily or near-daily basis, most of us have an incomplete understanding of the World Wide Web—particularly the shadowy, sinister-sounding realm of the “dark web.” But knowledge is power. Knowing more about how the dark web works can help you take proactive steps to prevent your personal information from being shared, … Read more

How To Disappear: The Modern Houdini, July 2022 Update

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UPDATED: July 2022 We’ve seen it happen in movies and even on a few popular TV shows: for a variety of reasons, the main character decides to “disappear” and make a fresh start under a completely new identity. But is it even possible to totally vanish in the real world? It might surprise you to … Read more

The 2022 Primer For How To Stop Junk Mail Invading Your Home

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In 2022, most of us conduct a vast share of the activities of daily life within the digital realm. We scroll through our social media feeds to read the news and keep up with family members; we use text messaging and email to communicate with coworkers and friends, and we do most of our banking … Read more

[URGENT] How To Stop Device Fingerprinting: 6 Critical Steps

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Though your smartphone looks like millions of others just like it, mass-manufactured in some vast overseas facility, each one of these units possesses a series of unique digital attributes that allow it to be precisely identified. These “device fingerprints” are similar to those on human hands, in that they leave traces that allow activity to … Read more

Removaly Offers Free Services to Family Members of Uvalde Shooting Victims

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Removaly has pledged to offer free data removal services to immediate family members of victims of the mass school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Kyle and I know that harassment of victims’ family is rampant in tragedies such as this and that it is critical to ensure that the personal information of … Read more