Removaly has been acquired by a company that meets the unique, rigorous privacy standards and principles we set for ourselves when we first started.

As a result, we have ceased accepting new users and running scans. It has been an honor to assist in keeping your personal information private.

While these ideals have helped Removaly grow faster than we ever thought possible, we knew that to scale our service to a wider audience, something would need to change. The mission of personal data privacy is so crucial to us that we considered this acquisition an important step to broaden our overall impact in a cause we are so passionate about. We’re really excited to share more details in the future.

Subscribers will be receiving a separate email shortly.

All current subscribers will be receiving refunds and all personal information provided to us for scanning purposes has been fully deleted from our system, except the information needed to provide refunds. Once we confirm refunds have been processed, that information will be deleted as well. If you have questions, please direct them to [email protected].

– Kyle and John